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Trademark plays vital role for every business as it identifies productor services of respective brands. Trademark can be letter, number,word, alphanumeric, phrase, symbol or combination of these. Trademark registration is really important for your brand because if do not register your Brand or logo, other can encash your brand’s name or Logo. Trademark is a unique logo which is used to the differentproduct or services from others. Trademark gives privacy andprotection for each and every brand, so to secure their brand name orlogo, one should opt trademark registration. Trademark registrationcan be done in respective field for particular business, as there are 45trademark classes represent different fields in which one need to register his or her business name or Logo.

According to the Trademark Act, 1999, Trademarks in India areregistered under the Controller General of Patents Designs andTrademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government ofIndia. After trademark registration, “R” symbol can be used with yourbrand name. Trademark registration is valid for 10 years and can berenewed easily by filling a trademark renewal application for nextperiod.

There are many benefits of trademark registration such as-

  • Trademark Registration gives protection on your brand like belongings and assets of yourcompany so that any competitor cannot use the similar brand.
  • It protects your existing customer by showing fake similar brandname.
  • It will help to restrict others from using the same brand.
  • It is used to protect the company’s investment in the brand orsymbol.
  • Trademark registration can be done online and application formhas to be filed with the help of Registered Trademark attorneywith Government of India and the process to register thetrademark-
  • File the trademark application form with all the basicdocuments, pre-prepared brand logo, Government fee andtrademark lawyer digital signature. Our expert will help toprepare the trademark application according to yourrequirements and information.
  • After filing the application form and done with the payment offees using debit card/credit card or net banking, you will getfinal acknowledgement receipt and then you can use “TM” withyour brand.
  • Trademark registry department will examine the trade name andlogo for conformity of the provision of trademark act and it willbe done after 3-12 months of the filling of the application. Afterconformity, trademark registry published the brand name intrademark journal of India.

Business logo is used for promotion of the market product and can be used forthe advertisement, banner, visiting card and other to make the product familiaramong the people. Logo registration is vital portion for the business enterprisesof any field. For successful logo registration, logo should not match with anyregistered company’s logo. Indian Trademark Registration Act, 2008 definesthe rules and regulation in order to make unique identity for the business in theglobal market. Logo registration can be done fast and easily with the trademarkprofessionals. Logo registration can be done online and it is very easy process.There are number of logo benefits –

  • Logo helps to create prestigious image for the goods/services and makeimpact among customers.
  • It helps to promote the business economically.
  • Logo assures quality and reliability among customers.
  • Logo helps to identify the favorable goods and services.

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