Online Proprietorship Firm Registration

A proprietorship Firm is a very famous form of Business and most of businessmen opt this type of company. Proprietorship firm is unregistered entity which is controlled by a person. Sole proprietorship is one of the most common forms of business in India, used by micro and small businesses men. Proprietorship is really very easy to start and has very minimum regulatory compliance requirement for commencing. Proprietorship is driven by a individual and will be treated a small business but most of business man like to work as Proprietor. So business men, who do not want to register their business as a separate entity, can go for proprietorship Firm.

SK Tax Law Firm is a platform where you can get your Proprietorship firm registered with all kind of compliance. Proprietorship firm registration is sole firm registration which is simplified as, open bank account on the name of business name and it is very simple firm which allows business easily with very less funding. Proprietorship is easy to establish with less formalities and proprietorship firm requires minimum 2 legal entity proof and can be done easily with the help of experts at SK Tax firm with nominal charges.

If you are working as Proprietor and doing business more than 20 Lacks, one has to take proprietorship GST Registration number and will have to file GST return monthly or quarterly subject to opted service. If you are looking for Proprietorship Firm registration with GST, SK Tax Law Firm is there to help you. We provide complete online service to our clients all over India. All the registrations for a proprietorship would be on the name of Proprietor, making the Proprietor personally liable for all kind of liabilities of the Proprietorship Firm Proprietorship firm does not have any partner or separate entity.

Proprietorship Firm Registration Services in India

SK Tax Law Firm is the right place for company registration services in India, offering a wide range of company registration like Public limited company registration, (OPC) one person company registration, Producer Company Registration, Nidhi Company Registration, Section 8 Company Registration, Private Limited Company and Indian Subsidiary registration. The average time to complete a Proprietorship Firm registration process is 1 - 2 business days, and subject to Gov. processing time and client document submission. So please reach us to form Proprietorship Firm or register a Proprietorship Firm in your city.