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If you are planning to form a Private Limited Company you are at right place. Here we will tell you the procedure how to register Private Limited Company. According to the Companies Act, to register Private Limited Company a minimum two shareholders and maximum 50 and minimum two directors or maximum 15 are requirement. At least one, out of twodirectors, has to be an Indian Citizen and resident of India while otherdirector(s) can be a nonresident. Shareholders can be natural persons or a legal entity. So, a company has two corporate people who are residing in India or abroad.There are many benefits of private limited company like separate legal entitystatus, easy transferability, ability protection to shareholders, ability to increase equity funds, flexible and limited liability, greater capital contribution withgreater stability and uninterrupted permanent existence.

Private limited company registration has a process which we need to follow like one has to get name approval- According to the Companies Act 2013, name should beapproved for the proposed company from Ministry of Corporate Affairs proposed company name should be unique. Digital Signature- Digital signature is another requirement for signing theincorporation application. So, digital signature must be obtained for the proposed company’s Directors which may take 1-2 business days. Application submission- After obtaining Digital signature, theincorporation application can be submitted to Ministry of CorporateAffairs. Application process may take 1-2 business days. After submission of theapplication form, incorporation certificate for the private limitedcompany along with PAN is provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs within 1-2 business days.

There are few documents required for the private limited company registration-

  • PAN card copy of Directors.
  • Passport size photograph of Directors.
  • Aadhar card of Directors.
  • Latest electricity/ water bill.
  • Copy of rent agreement.
  • Copy of property papers.

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