Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi

Do you want online private Limited Company Registration in Delhi or other part of India, if yes, you are at right page. In this article we would try to make you understand how you can get private Limited Company Registration in Delhi. The Company registration process is completely online progression. If you do not have much time to spend to register Private Limited Company, contact us we would get you Online Private Limited Company Registration at your Office. For online Registration, one needs to fill an E-Form with a self-attested scanned copy of KYC on MCA portal or same can be done by us on behalf of you. Today’s era, Private Limited Company Registration is extensive the fame and has become the top selection of entrepreneurs in India.

SK Tax Law Firm gives a hand to start your Business all over India and we cater advisory services for Private Limited Company registration, Corporate Income Tax, GST Compliance, Registration under Startup India, etc. SK Law Firm does not only provide its services in Delhi but also all over India which makes us complete online Service provider.

Below is the Requirements For Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi

  • KYC  of Directors and Shareholders– For Private Limited Company registration, you need to send us self-attested Basic KYC documents of directors and shareholders like, Aadhar, Election ID/DL/Passport, Utility Bills and PAN Card. Minimum two people are required who will play the role as a Director of the company.
  • DSC –Digital Signature (DSC) is the essential part so you need to make DSC.
  • Name Approval of Company– you need to select a unique company name. If the proposed name of the Private Limited Company closely resembles any of the existing registered Company or trademark or similar, you cannot register that name for your Private Limited Company. You can refer the MCA website to confirm company’s name accessibility and further for Trademark search. If proposed Company name is unique then after the name approval of company the next step is to prepare a Spice form and submit it to the ROC.
  • PAN and TAN –You will obtain E-PAN Card and E-TAN.
  • Bank Account Opening – After online Private Limited Company registration, the Bank will ask you for certain documents for Bank Account opening.
  • GST Registration – After Private Limited Company registration, the Next step would be to obtain for GST Registration.

Online Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi

Above is the basic structure which we tried to make you understand. If you follow above steps, you would be able to register Private Limited Company and SK Tax Law Firm provides you the platform to obtain all such Registration which is important to run the Business. There are other Legal compliance also which a Business man does not want to involve with or not aware but we are here to fulfill all those legal compliance. There are other kinds of company like OPC, Partnership, Public Limited etc. So one need to understand the differences and the importance so that businessman can fulfill requirements and run business accordingly.  So let’s proceed to start and groom your business with all Legal Compliance.