Online Income Tax Return Filing in Bharatpur

There are two types of taxes in India – Direct tax &Indirect tax.

Tax which is paid directly on your Income on salary is called Direct Tax while Indirect tax does not involve such transaction which means the tax which you are paying on purchase of any Goods or Service is called Indirect Tax as you are not paying directly to the Government. For Example, suppose you are buying a Laptop or any service and paying for that (including tax) so, here you are paying this tax to shop keeper or service provider but you are not paying this tax directly to the Government so this is called Indirect tax. Indirect tax is called GST.One can earn from salary, interest income from savings, mutual funds, sale of property and professional income etc.

About Form 16

ITR (Income Tax Return) Filing Online in Bharatpur

Form 16 is a TDS certificate that an employer issues to its employees after TDS deduction on its employee’s salary. The employer needs to deposit this deducted TDS to the Government on Employee’s PAN card and same deducted amount would be reflected on Form 16. Employer needs to give this Form 16 or Certificate to its employees but if TDS has not been deducted by the employer, Employer cannot issue Form 16. If you are looking someone who can file your Income Tax Return (ITR) online in Bharatpur, reach us and we will assist you to file your Income Tax Return.

There are some Income Tax Forms which are different for different person or company. Income Tax return filing process consist all sources of income and expenditures, tax deductions, investment etc. which calculates taxable income. Online Income Tax return filing (ITR) in Bharatpur is very simple and you can contact us to know about ITR Filing in Bharatpur.

Documents required for Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) in Bharatpur
  • PAN
  • Aadhar
  • Bank Statement
  • Source of Income
  • Form 16 if available
  • Expenditure
  • Investments

How to e-File ITR (Income Tax Returns) Online in Bharatpur

If you want to know about the Income Tax Slab click here or write us for ITR Filing in Bharatpur for your queries. We provide our expert advice for Online Income Tax Return Filing in Bharatpur. You can write us on or call us at +91-9719586772.

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