Income Tax Return Filing in Gurgaon

Are you looking for Income Tax Return Filing in Gurgaon ? We are here for your help. First off all you should know some important facts about Income Tax Return. 

What is an income tax return? 

An income tax return is a form introduced by Income Tax Department where taxpayers declare their income, deductions, and make tax in case of Tax Liability. If your income is going beyond the limit of Tax slab, you need to pay Tax to the Government. If you've already paid more tax than needed for the financial year, you would get refunded from income tax department. Sometimes, it has been observed that tax which has been paid is not sufficien4 t and need to pay more, in that case either at the time of Filing income Tax or later, you need to make the Tax payment to the Government.

Why do you have to file income tax returns?

If your total Indian income does not exceed Rs.2,50,000, no Tax liability would be there.   If you don't meet the Rs.2,50,000 threshold, it's a good to file or e-file your income tax return. Income Tax Return Filing shows your Financial Prosperity on which you would be considered for any kind of loan means it would show you eligibility for Loan. Except Loan you would be able to justify your income and investment and it can be used as a proof of your income. If you do not have 3 yrs. ITR, you would not be able to go abroad for higher studies, People processing your visa application may request for this financial information to evaluate your financial health, which in return shows that you can support yourself on your own in their country.

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