GST Registration For Foreigners

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax which is levied on every kind of good or services supplied including both online and offline. GST has been enforced in India from 1st July, 2017 and non-resident, who want to do business in India are also required to apply for GST registration and file GST returns monthly or quarterly as opted. GST Registration for Foreigners is important if you want to start business in India. GST Registration for Non-resident should be applied 5 days before commencing business in India. GST Act defines “non-resident taxpayer” as a person who transact occasionally in India including supply of goods or services or both. All non- resident taxpayer should appoint an authorised person or authority in India for the compilation with GST rules and regulations.

GST Registration for Foreigners

All non-resident or non-Indian persons need to obtain GST registration as a Non-Resident Foreign Taxpayer. A person who does not live in India is Non- resident. An application for GST Registration for non-resident must be filed; a transaction number would be generated to track the status. GST deposit should be done by such taxpayer to obtain GST registration using transaction number.

GST for foreign companies in India

If you are Non-Indian and need GST Registration in India, we will tell you the process. Non-resident taxpayer has to submit the application electronically which should be duly signed duly signed through the form GST REG-9 and a self-attested copy of valid passport will be attached, this application should be filed at least five days before doing online or offline business in India. Such applicant needs to pay tax in advance which is based on the estimated tax liability for the said period for which registration is being applied. GST registration for non-resident or non-Indian (GST Registration for Foreigners) is valid only for 90 days which can be extended further for another 90 days filing the form GST REG-11. For GST for foreign companies in India some important documents are required like scanned copy of the valid passport of the non-resident person with VISA details, address proofs of business and residence, Bank Account details. Get a free consultation to know more and get online appointment with our experts at SK Tax Law Firm.