GST Filing Charges

Have you got GST Registration and looking for filing your GST Returns? We are here to help you and make you understand the complete process. Let’s discuss GST and its compliances step by step which will make you aware and better understanding. If you are planning to file GST Return means you have got GST Registration. There are so many GST Returns which are filed or should be filed by a GST registered person. GST Filing charges are different as per the turnover and work volume, so you are requested to reach us and discuss about the nature of business and volume of work to know GST filing charges.

GSTR3B is the most common and well-known name and we believe you are already aware about this or might have heard about this. Mainly GSTR 3B is used to make the payment of Tax. It is very important GST return as it directly impacts the revenue of the Government due to this Government always charge penalty and interest on its late filing. So, make sure you are supposed to file this GST Return on priority and avoid penalty.

GST Filing Charges

GSTR1 is equally important as GSTR3B. This return always asks for all details of your sales. You need to disclose all your Sale and Debit or Credit Note. This return allows you to declare HSN wise summary and you can make amendments as well. If you have made any mistake in GSTR1 and you want to make changes into that, you can make these changes in next GSTR1. There is also penalty on late filing of this GST Return too.

GSTR2A is the return holding details of all inward supplies of goods and services. This Return allows you to track your purchase.

GSTR 9 is the annual return which is filed by regular GST Taxpayer. This GST Return is filed once in a year with all outward and inward supply. It allows you to file this return as per your book of accounts.

GSTR 9A is the annual return is file by those taxpayers who have been registered under the Composition Scheme and it allows you file all Outward and Inward supply details with HSN summary.

GSTR 9C This GST return is filed by the taxpayer whose tis the reconciliation statement to be filed by all taxpayer’sturnover is more than Rs.2 crore in a financial year. One needs to get his books of accounts audited by a Chartered/Cost Accountant.

There are more GST Returns but we have discussed few of them which are commonly used. There are due dates for every GST return which gives us a threshold limit to file that return on or before due date. If one fails to file these returns on or before due date, Government charges penalty with interest. So, make sure to file your GST Returns and avoid penalty.

Late Fees for not Filing Return on Time?

If You do not file your returns, Government will charge interest and Late fee on such Return. Interest is 18% per Annum and Rs. 20/- per day for Nil and Rs. 50/- for Taxable late GST Return Filing and there are different penalties for different GST Returns. You can reach us to know more about these GST Returns and their penalties. Our GST Filing charges are not same and charges varies as per business like business also can not be same so charges are also different. Please contact us or call us at +91-9719586772 to know more about GST filing charges.